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Pro/Con - Presidential Elections 2012

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Hoax or not - investigating internet scamsModule One - America's BeginningYou Be the Historian

Colonial Life

Constitutional Amendments

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Account of the Boston Massacre

Eyewitness Accounts of the Boston Massacre

Revolution in Boston - Video

Mission US

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First Amendment
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Module Two - Expansionism

Growth of a Nation - Animated Map
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ESPN covers Hamilton Burr Duel
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Native Americans - The Choices Program
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Module Two -Immigration
Module 2, Part B. Chapter 11-1, 14-1, 14-2 (p. 459 only), 20-1, 20-2, 20-4, 19-1

Ashes of Roses Audio File
When Did They Come
Immigration Simulation
Ellis Island

Destination America

Immigration Numbers by the Decade

Timeline of Immigration

Immigration: The Living Mosaic of People, Culture, and Hope

Immigration in the United States

Know Nothing Party

Invincible Cities

Immigration 1800-1900 - overview

Immigrant Stories

Relive a Boy's Journey

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Ellis Island Interactive Tour
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Library of Congress - Immigration - Broken down into nationalities

German ImmigrationGerman Immigration

Germans Embrace America

Germany Immigration - Spartacus

Germans Left Home

Irish ImmigrationIrish Immigrants in America during the 19th Century

History Place - Irish Potato Famine

Irish Discrimination and Prejudice

Slovakian ImmigrationChzech and Slovak Immigration

The Slovaks in America

Slovak Americans

Italian ImmigrationItalian ImmigrationT

The Story of Italian Immigration

Italian Immigration - College paper, but has good information in it

Italian Immigrant in the USCause of Mass Italian ImmigrationItalian Info

Chinese Immigration
Chinese Immigration Sheet

Immigration Station - Chinese

Chinese Immigration

Chinese Immigration to the United States - a teacher's page

Immigration and Exclusion of the Chinese

Module Three - How Americans Struggled for Equality
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Women Protest
Women in the 19th Century
Women Suffrage

Bad Romance - Women's Suffrage Video

When Did Women Vote?
Women Analyzing Primary Sources

African Americans
Slavery and the Making of America

Module Four - WarCivil War
Module Five - Independent StudyDescription and Link
20th Century Timeline

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