Honoring Veterans:
A Community Service Project
Table of Contents: Intro | Contacts | Topics | Work Day 1 | Work Day 2 | Storyboard | Research | Quotes | Waymarking

Introduction Press release: Click here for a press release about the Honoring Veterans Project. Click here for a Google Map listing the locations of all Veterans Memorials in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. For more information, email Mr. Diener, Middle School Technology Integrator or Teacher Coordinator Linda Krajcik

The Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton (1969) is a memorable explanation of the Pledge which is so familiar to us all. It's a good starting point for understanding the importance of this community service project.

  • Produce a series of podcasts to honor the sacrifices that veterans have made for all of us.
  • Work in teams to successfully complete the project.
  • Use new technologies to communicate our message.
Learn more about the Veterans Memorials in Ozaukee county.
Learn about the local history of Ozaukee county.
Learn about the role our local community and state played our various Wars

If you're curious what podcasts are like, click here to see three examples. The Danish House podcasts at this site were produced with iPhoto, GarageBand, Keynote and iWeb.
Technologies which we will use include:

Similar projects and related podcasts:

The Wisconsin Dept. of Veterans Affairs site has a nice database of Veterans Memorials.
  1. Schroeder Legion Post (Tank, Cannon and Memorial to Howard J. Schroeder), Mequon, WI (Balkovec 1)
  2. Post 288 Memorial (near City Hall), Cedarburg, WI (Balkovec 2)
  3. Veterans Memorial 1 & 2 (near Wollner Legion), Cedarburg, WI (Krajcik 1)
  4. Civil, Spanish, & World War Veterans Memorial (Cedar Creek Park), Cedarburg, WI (Krajcik 2)
  5. Deceased Members of AL Post 355 - Veterans Park (near river-Hwy 60), Grafton, WI (Hornbeck 1)
  6. Old Grafton High School Memorial (near Grafton Library), Grafton, WI (Lepold 1)
  7. USS Liberty Memorial (Grafton Library), Grafton, WI (Lepold 2)
  8. American Legion Memorial (and Cannon across the street), Port Washington, WI (Olson 1)
  9. Flagpole Veterans Memorial Plaque (by old courthouse), Port Washington, WI (Olson 2)
  10. Ozaukee County Veterans Memorial (by new Justice Center), Port Washington, WI (Diener/Rennane)
  11. Veterans Memorial & Flag Pole - Veterans Park (downtown triangle), Saukville, WI (Hornbeck 2)
  12. New memorial on Main Street (Village Park), Belgium, WI (Diener/Papendorf)

Additional Info
  • “Wall of Honor” plaque located just outside the gym at Port Washington High School
  • Perhaps Lake Shore could work toward developing a new memorial on site: trees with statements of symbolism to honor veterans: faithfulness-cyprus tree, noble-elm tree, decisive-pine tree, etc. See this site for more symbolism with trees.

Teams and Tasks (#)
  • project manager (1)
  • *researchers (2)
  • *interviewers (2)
  • photographer (2)
  • script writer (2)
  • *information synthesizer (2)
  • narrator (2)
  • bkgnd music composer (1)
  • podcast engineer (1)
*Perhaps students assigned to these three tasks should be re-assigned as a "research team" with these tasks:
- research and write a summary for script writer,
- identify the trivia Q-and-A for each episode,
- develop Keynote slides (text only) for enhanced podcast (click here for an example)
- gather required data for Waymarking categories (Legion Posts and Branches, Non-Specific Veteran Memorials, Specific Veteran Memorials), and
- interview (if we identify any individuals to interview)

- intro to students / show them sample podcasts

- startup tasks

- continue tasks

- planning meeting with teachers

- Mar 20: Work Day #1
- research and script writing
- learn about podcasting
- develop music for podcasts
- initial visit to the memorials

- finish scripts
- finish music
- Date?: Work Day #2
- second visit to the memorials
- develop podcasts

- publish podcasts